You think you are special.


You wish you were special.

When she saw your broken body , she cried.

But I said

Just go love yourself.

You will jump into a mirror-like lake on a warm summer morning

and fall in love with your own shadow.


  1. Interesting post. The pictures are quite dark and intriguing too.

  2. such a lovely post dear ♥

  3. hello, thank you for the comment on my blog - it's reassuring to know there are people out there who feel the same way i do. your comment was lovely and i hope we both can find the people we'd like to find someday! it can be lonely knowing you don't really belong to any kind of group but like you say, we still need to communicate and always be looking for people we can really get to know. i definately agree that people seem to focus too much on materialistic stuff when there is so much more life has to offer. i guess so long as we stay true to ourselves we'll find like-minded people some day!

  4. That was really lovely. I love your pics, and i just fell in love with the poetry!

  5. Such a lovely post :)
    I rather like it.
    Also, thanks for the comment on my blog.

  6. Everybody wants to be "special"?!...

    Some "special" are very simple... as children are "special" to their parents; as the stars & moon are "special" to the night...

    Other "special" are a little bit more specific... as you are just "special" to your boyfriend (not the other, of course and vice versa); certain situation is just "special" to you (but maybe not the other, because just you can feel...)

    ^^ and maybe your blog is "special" to someone (but not the others... depending on each personal mind...)

    Have a nice day ^^