Yesterday the sky was grayish blue, like a face that was losing all of dearest memories, crying over the winter's passing, for the new signs of life had already begun to emerge from their slumber.

I once again walked on the rainbow bridge, and just stood there looking at the city before the rain comes rushing in. Time passing by too fast, tracing my skin, passing forever onward. Not far away, the lights in the classrooms of No. 5 high School had already begun to shine, reminding me of days gone by when my entire youth was buried in the mountains of books and homework, the days when I was waiting for classes to start, waiting to get off from school, and waiting to grow into adulthood. The days when I stood at the top of the teaching building watching the sunset, the dim lights and the broken rosy clouds were unpredictable, much like life and death here on earth. I watched them wither away, like watching a slow motion ringing down of the curtain. I didn't realize I still had to go back to class until the bell began ringing. Night slowly fell, and the bright stars were quietly hanging in the sky in a very lonely way. In the playground two kids biked in a circle, the boy carrying the girl, both giggling and talking, as if as long as she sat at the back they could use their emotions to support the future to eternity. Perhaps after ten years they would bump into each other on this bridge with their own partner, and just smile and say "Hey, it's been a long time." When we were young, we thought feelings were the entire world, we were fond of using movies to decorate our worldviews, using music to color moods, using travel to fill youthful years, using ideals to forge our minds. We naively thought time was plentiful, youth was long, and the feelings we once had would always be there, until the seas begin running dry and the rocks begin to crumble. We never understood how the world would crush us to pieces and destroy everything that we once held onto so firmly.

I stood on the bridge, only wanting someone to stand by me and watch this city before the heavy rain comes, listening to the sound of the thunder, enjoying the grey clouds, sharing the silence, This, the month of April.

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