A group of girls always exist, they never compromise and always use their own way to fight with the
situations that the world gives them.
Other people may use words like weird, crazy, and isolated to describe them.
In a very practical and insensitive person's eyes, how bad those girls would be?

But I always have a deep respect and likeness towards girls like this.
I love the girls with unique and different ideas.
Brushing shoulders and maintaining special eye contact reach deep in my heart.
How much courage do you need to live against the human tide?
Their facial expressions blurred, their smiles are pale under the bright sunshine. Extreme. chilly. Proud.

I hate artifical personanities, noise, huddeling together, gossip, and love of the huge ostentatious world.
How hard will it be to find a special soul among numerous vulgar people?

I used to read Pu Shu's lyrics aloud when I was younger.
A song called "mom and I" really impressed me.
I held the white paper with black ink under the dim light and read the lyrics, slowly.

"I dont know why to stay, I dont know what to miss. I dont know what to do here but getting old. I drank
so much last night, I heard my life burning. What can I do in this world? I asked myself, what can I do?"

"Mom I feel sick, in their world, life is about rules. It makes me unhappy.
Mom, you gave me life. But I messed it up.
They take a bus everyday between work place and home.
They care about food and wages. The truth is,are they all crazy or am I?"

"But mom you know I am a piece of gold, gold will illuminate someday, sooner or later..."

His songs were my compaions during my teen years.
About escape, hysteria, smile with tears, anxious, terrified, illusions, falling down, hurt, clean, simpler than a child.
Break the wings, and then fly again.

No matter what situation I am in, his songs are always with me.
He sang, "Susan had a pair of magical dacing shoes that can take her away form the tiring world.
He sang, "see I came for you, regardless of everything."
He sang, "we passed through a lady's warmth and tears, passed through the endless loneliness, sadness and happiness."


  1. I've never heard of Pu Shu but those lyrics are really amazing.

  2. Hey some girl, Pu shu is a very talented Chinese singer.I do love all the lyrics of his songs, plus his voice along with the guitar music.

  3. How meaningful these words in the lyrics are... But cheer up for the New Year ^-^

    Happy new year my friend... always try to be optimistic but not artificial ♬

  4. Hi Love, I don't know who Phu Su is. I understand a little bit mandarin but looking back at your translation of some of his lyrics, it must be a great poem indeed.

    Yes we have to fight our own and we would be able to do it with hard work and determination. I believe everybody is meant to be something important in this world, regardless how small what we would be:)

    Be a good girl and let your flowers bloom...

  5. Dear K,
    oh first of all, I just want to say how powerful this was. Every single word from the beginning was strong and it went deep inside me.
    You seem to have a heart that is big and tries to be strong... those are beautiful to me.
    and the lyrics that went along with this post were so beautifully true.

    also, i wanted to thank you for the comment you gave me on my "unsent letter" post. i know it's a bit late, but i really wanted to thank you for writing such heartwarming words.
    please know that they mean a lot to me.
    thank you again.

  6. very very beautiful.
    The last photograph is impressive.
    The text is also beautiful, even as the photos.

  7. Your words are powerful. I love the message, the voice you use. A world away and I can relate to you.

  8. Wow so romantic and meaningful words in these songs..and i like punch line that say:dry your tears with love.. so sweet