I want to travel around, with some soft cotton dresses and a large camera,
seeking the ultimate freedom.
I want to hop on a train without knowing the destination,
to feel the sorrow of homelessness.
I want to wake up in the middle of nowhere,
to think about what loneliness is.
What is real leneliness?
Nobody listens when you want to talk,
or when people want to listen, you having nothing to say?

Sometimes I am touched by a single simple picture.
So simple that I can forget what it excactly looks like after awhile.
But the feeling still remains.
Maybe this is their charm.
Who said pale was powerless?
There is no earthly reason to always be hysteric.
And why does everything has to be colorful and gorgeous?

I stood opposite to you, listening to you play guitar.
That corner was your stage.
Even if the bright sunshine blurred your eyes,
and the sound of cars' horns covered your ears.
You still stayed in your own world and sang from your soul.
I was your audience, I stood opposite to you.
You described yourself not through a conversation, but in your quiet singing,
and I was touched by your little world.


  1. ....and i am touched by your simple words.... :)

  2. Everything about this is so poetic. Everything sounds so beautiful.

  3. that sounds perfect, i miss travelling so much - i would always be travelling if it was possible. loneliness is pretty complex and hard to think about, especially the kind of loneliness you feel when you're around people. everything you write is wonderful x

  4. Love those brown oxfords and your hair! Now I can't wait to grow mine out haha!

  5. Hey, always there are many responses in your post ^-^ that means "Many body listen when you want to talk" ^-^ You are not lonely.

    Let enjoy your spring by travelling.

  6. beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

  7. lovely words... and i adore your outfit in the third picture, cute shoes!! you have a beautiful blog :)
    feel free to check out mine sometime...
    love xx

  8. K, I miss your posts! I love your first sentence and very much want it, too!

  9. You have such a beautiful blog here, dear.