One sunny afternoon in the heat of the summer .
The sunshine is so strong that it seems to break the fragile world.
I stand at the four corners of a road, all beliefs are destroyed.
Whats left is a long and lonely shadow in life.
In the deep of the shadow, some disappeared faces twinkle again.
The background is as dark as ink.
You are leaving. The shape and color of your shadow are fading into the dark.
But the brightness of your eyes and eyebrows are too bright to fit into the ink.

Do you think everyone's youth is like this?
To experience the ephemeral sadness and happiness,
like wild flowers,
on our way to emerge and perish ourselves, also decorated passers-by's dreams.

You once told me that we need to live as plain as possible yet dream as far as we could.
Though tomorrow might be tough.
I always think about it at night with violin music in the quiet, with wind dancing.
Every time like this I feel time flowing backwards.
The old days are like an oil painting from Cézanne,
gloomy and colorful, messy and beautiful.
No specific definitions, only showing the wounds and sweetness.
And Now when no one is around, and all the emotions and feelings only belong to me myself,
I still remember what you said to me before.
comfort from others is out at elbows, you have to take care of yourself.

When I open that door

I want to see the forever prosperous sight.

There are no so called useful stairs.

I cant sit by you with sad feelings.

I get out from the door,

tear page 252 from a book,

it says this with black ink:

Hey I can't sit by you with sad feelings

I can't sit by you with sad feelings.


  1. No I don't think everyones youth is like this, but I think you should treasure that yours is.

    This was beautifuly written, I'm glad I found your blog.

  2. Hi there, thanks for finding me so I could find you! Your blog looks very dream-ful (if that's not a word I hereby create it). I like it!


  3. woah, I loved this. beautiful. xx

  4. Thanks for you kind words on my blog because really,
    You have such an amazing blog and now i've like found it.
    So like im gonna follow it and read it, and yeah.


  5. such a gorgeous post. loved reading this :) xx

  6. what a great read. so lovly. thank you for checking out my blog.

  7. This is impossibly sad, but very beautiful at the same time.

  8. Oh Ke!:(

    I feel so sad when I am reading this....

    Especially when you have to repeat "I can't sit by you with a sad feeling"

    But why? We can' be happy everyday... it is OK if you are feeling sad...

  9. Such sad prose and yet put together so beautifully...you are very tallented...


  10. I relate so much to your youth. Your words make me feel like I am staring my past in the face. Your words have the power to transport me to another world. Lovely. Thank you :)

  11. This is a beautiful entry! The photos are beautiful as well, perfect <3

  12. so poetically written with wonderful photos ... really nice job - and indeed, enjoy your youth - it;s such a gift, xx

  13. The photos are beautiful!

    Our brand new blog, and our first. Take a peek.

    best regards from Sweden

  14. I'm such a fan of this. The poetic prose as well as the photos. Your words seem to flow through them, weaving a story, sad and beautiful. So brilliant.

  15. this post is so magically done .

    how lovely .

    x .

  16. Lovely thoughts, I like this bit "The old days are like an oil painting from Cézanne / gloomy and colorful, messy and beautiful" especially.

    Belated thanks for your comment! ♥


  17. Oh my, I honestly don't know how to explain this. After reading a lot of mediocrity in my time, your words are so refreshing...it's wonderful to see such talent and beauty in somebody else. You truly do have a gift, my dove. Thank you so much for your kind words, though, after reading yours I'm not sure what merit mine have. You are a magic weaver, please, never stop writing.
    All my love,
    Norah xx
    ps. My tumblr is very different to my personal poetry, but I'll leave you a seperate comment with the url (oh, just as long as you delete it after wards!)Leave me an ask and then I'll give you my facebook to add, too, I suppose. Hope you're wonderful, my gem. xxx