I sit beside the window every evening,
looking at gorgeous sunshine, or amazingly heavy rain.
The world wipes out its superficiality, and shows the essence of the beauty.
Unknown songs echo in the air, empty hugs and hand holding regardless of sex.
And everything is just blurry.

The city is crowded with people and vehicles.
skyscrapers seem as though they reach the clouds.
Engine sounds destroy beautiful dreams.
Neon lights reflect into eyes, and brighten the city.
Roads and air in this materialistic world, dust can't cover the desolation.
Even if everything seems ostentatiously prosperous.

Small towns and big cities.
They stare at each other with distance, and lost in thoughts.
The quiet, the pleasure.
The prosperity, the isolation.
I wander around between small towns and big cities,
a crazy dream is hidden in my heart.
There is an empty city that belongs to me.
No people, no colors.
Some sad emotions, and loneliness that leads to perfection.
But it is just a dream,
kind of far away from mediocre me.


  1. Enjoy the introspective nature of your post.
    There is a stillness to your words that gives
    this prose a prayer-like quality.

  2. This is so beautiful.

    I love this line:
    "The world wipes out its superficiality, and shows the essence of the beauty"

  3. O, how beautiful...the words and the images equally so.

  4. Wow. The stillness of your words as Cynthia says is suspended, hanging in the air. I love this.

  5. Ke the last photos look gorgeous. Yellow should be smiling, but somehow the yellow in the photo was smiling bitterly. If you could get what I mean... but it's just the kind of yellow that I like:)

  6. That's lovely, and those photos are gorgeous x

  7. your writing reminds me of water-- so soft and clear and whispering... sorry if that sounds weird! I love your blog, the images are lovely.
    thank you so so much for following my blog!


  8. Big cities, yes. And how comforting they are; how easily we can become lost.

  9. This is me, or so it feels. To feel alone in both and yet love the two so much. Sometimes when I can't breathe in the little towns (there is too much openness, ironic how that could be so oppressing) I turn to the big cities, for the comfort of a million minds, millions of lost shadows.
    You're wondrous, you are.
    P.S. Ke, thank you awfully. Truly.

  10. Your words are like candy.

  11. Is there a way to follow your blog?
    I must be blind- if not, I book marked you for future visits. I adore everything x

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!